• Create brand awareness
  • Generate new sales leads
  • Meet bakery and sweets lovers
  • Product launch
  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Stock Clearance
  • Be part of the regional bakery market
  • Increase in visitors & exhibitor engagement


  • Bakery, sweets and confectionery consumers
  • Retail, shops, SMEs and Cafés
  • Home-based bakery and confectionery businesses
  • Bakery, sweets and confectionery professionals
  • Bakery, sweets and confectionery enthusiasts
  • Media
  • Hobbyists

Exhibiting Booth Types

Raw Space
minimum 18 sq m.

Standard Shell Scheme
minimum 4 sq m. for bakery zone
minimum 9 sq m. for equipment, ingredient and packaging zone
Standard shell scheme including :
wall partition of 2.5 m. height, fascia name, floor carpet,
1.fluorescent lamp, 1 power socket 5 Amp., 1 counter,
2.chairs and 1 waste basket.

Corner Booth
Raw space or standard shell scheme