There are a few things to know before you start snipping flowers and throwing them into recipes. They’re delicate and require some special treatment, and it takes a bit of research to make sure you’re choosing the right ones. We’re here to show you the way!

1) Decorate a cake with flowers
One of the easiest ways to use edible flowers is to decorate a cake. If you’re not the biggest fan of intricate piping but you’re looking to make a stunning cake, consider using edible flowers as a garnish.

2) Infuse liquids or sugar with a floral flavor
Flowers can add flavor to your baking, in addition to visual appeal. Some taste like honey, while others have a hint of citrus or a spicy bite to them. Infuse the liquids in a recipe (milk, cream, etc.) with edible flowers by combining the liquid and flowers, heating the mixture gently, or simply letting it rest at room temperature to develop flavor over time.

3) Bake flowers directly into your recipes
Fresh flowers can be incorporated into a dough that’s rolled thinly, like crackers, sugar cookie dough, or even pasta. To do so, start by tearing the flowers into pieces or removing the petals from the heads of the flowers (save the petals; discard the rest) so the dough can be rolled out smoothly

4) Candy edible flowers
“Candying” is a basic technique that involves coating something edible in simple syrup and (usually) heating it to remove some moisture, then tossing it with more granulated sugar to create a sparkling appearance.